Would you like to have dinner in Luna before your rehearsals start? From Monday to Friday you can enjoy a meal with other Scala members. Sign up here.

How does it work?
1. Buy a dinner card from your association. Your association board would love to sell you a card for 2,50. We ask €0,50 per person for each meal to pay towards the kitchen rent, so you can join five times per card.
2. Subscribe via the dinner form. You can subscribe until 15.30h on the day of your dinner and join dinners from every association. Don’t forget to fill in the name of the association where you bought your dinner card, if it differs from the association cooking.
3. Be on time and join the meal. Dinners take place in the kitchen and living room.
4. Afterwards cross one square from your dinner card (or the cook will do it for you). The cook will determine the price of the meal and share the costs.
5. Be a nice person and help with the dishes. Please keep the kitchen clean for everyone 🙂

I want to cook!
1. Reserve a spot in the kitchen by filling in the top part on the dinner form . Up to three groups can cook every evening. If you claim the last slot, choose your dinnertime 30 minutes before or after one of the other groups.
2. Fill in the starting time, if the meal is vegetarian, your association’s name and how many people can join. At least 12 people should be able to join.  Don’t forget to put your own name in the list of eaters.
3. People can subscribe until 15.30h of the day of the dinner. After this time you know how many people will join.
4. Buy the groceries and cook! The kitchen can be used from 16:30h to 19:30h. Every board member can access the key of the kitchen.
5. Make sure you remove a strip from the dinner card of all the eaters and share the dining costs. Don’t forget to provide food for the latecomers.
6. Well done cook, everyone adores you. Don’t forget to recruit some volunteers for the dishes.

Enjoy your meal!

I’m member of multiple associations, which association should I fill in?
Fill in the same association as the one where you bought your dinner card.

Can I reserve the kitchen as non-Scala member?
Yes, send an e-mail to secretaris@studentencultuur.nl with the proposed date, time and amount of eaters.

Can I reserve the kitchen for only my association?
This is possible in special cases, send an e-mail to secretaris@studentencultuur.nl.

Is something broken, missing or do you have questions?
Let us know and e-mail to secretaris@studentencultuur.nl.