Open Culture Week

During the open culture week, all Scala associations offer free try out lessons and rehearsals, providing the opportunity for you to discover what cultural activities you would like to engage in! Activities range from dance workshops to board game evenings, there is always something that will suit you.

The open culture week takes place twice a year, in the beginning of September and in the beginning of February. The next one will be from September 10 until September 14 2018. Most activities take place in Luna, where you can also find the associations during the rest of the year. If you have any questions about the open culture week, feel free to contact Scala or the association that you would like to know more about. See you there!


Monday September 10

Debate evening – Chronos
18:00 @ Auditorium

Steel wool spinning – Dekate Mousa
20:00 @ DM studio
Capturing light trails of glowing steel

International theater workshop – Doppio
19:30 @ Luna 1.056
Participate in this workshop to get to know the director of our English speaking theater group. Olga Bruijniks will give a free workshop where you can get an impression of her style and the ambiance at Doppio!

Japanese board games – Kinjin
19:00 @ Kinjin

Tuesday September 11

Analog photography – Dekate Mousa
20:00 @ DM studio
Shoot and develop your own 4×5 portrait

Theater workshop – Doppio
19:30 @ Luna 1.056
Maak kennis met de regisseuse die op dinsdagavond de eerstejaarscursus gaat geven. In deze interactieve theaterworkshop laat Carolien Ruoff haar theaterstijl zien en kun jij de sfeer van Doppio proeven!

Dance workshops (KMDA) – Footloose
19:00 @ Orbit

Anime screening – Kinjin
19:00 @ Kinjin

Open board game evening – Knights
19:30 @ Knights
Our traditional Board game nights takes place on every Tuesday. On this day we dig our way through three full cupboards of boardgames to pick the best games to play that evening. If you want strategy or are in for some more light-hearted humour. Want the fierce competition or are in for something more cooperative. You can be sure there will be something to fit your tastes.

Open rehearsal Vokollage choir – Quadrivium
19.30 @ MF8

Open rehearsal Bigband – Studentproof
20:30 @ Pulsar
The Studentproof Bigband opens its doors! Join one of our rehearsals and play along if you are interested to join the band. Rehearsal is open, if you would like to play along please email with name and instrument! 

Wednesday September 12

Lightroom workshop – Dekate Mousa
20:00 @ DM studio
Learn how to edit your pictures

Theater workshop – Doppio
19:30 @ Luna 1.056
Maak kennis met de regisseuse die op woensdagavond de eerstejaarscursus gaat geven. In deze interactieve theaterworkshop laat Cindy Liebregts haar theaterstijl zien en kun jij de sfeer van Doppio proeven!

Japanese grammar course – Kinjin
19:00 @ Kinjin

Open role play evening – Knights
19:30 @ Knights
Have you always wanted to try out role playing games but never had the opportunity to do so? Then join us this Wednesday to experience an epic evening-long adventure. Our storytellers will have prepared grand quests, or humorous tales for everyone.

Open rehearsal symphony orchestra – Quadrivium
19.30 @ Pulsar

Jamsession – Studentproof & Modern
19:30 @ Hubble
ESMG Modern and Studentproof Jazz join forces to organize an open jamsession in Hubble! Join us for a beer, or hop on stage if you want to play! Backline consisting of drums, percussion, PA, amps and piano is present.

Thursday September 13

High speed photography – Dekate Mousa
20:00 @ DM studio
Shooting balloons and eggs @1000 fps

Subscription evening – Doppio
19:30 @ Luna 1.056
This evening, all directors will pitch their ideas for the coming year. At the end, (new) members can subscribe for those courses. Expect an evening full of creativity, inspiration and especially laughters where you have the chance to get a good impression of the directors and other Doppio-members! See you there!

Manga drawing lessons – Kinjin
19:00 @ Kinjin 

Larp-sword fighting training – Knights
19:30 @ Knights
It’s a well-known fact that everyone loves to hit others with pieces of foam. It isn’t as much fun to get hit yourself though. So join our larp-sword fighting training to learn how to fight properly and win every duel.

Open rehearsal wind orchestra – Quadrivium
19.30 @ Pulsar

Open improv group lessons – Studentproof
20:00 @ -2.380, Luna
Learn the basics and theory of improvisation! Session leader Sytze will help you learning to improvise, in your own pace. Knowledge on chords, scales and sheet music is useful but not a prerequisite! Sign up by emailing with name and instrument.

Friday September 14

Showcase movie night – Footloose
20:00 @ Corona 

Karaoke – Kinjin
19:00 @ Kinjin