Quadrivium is the student music association for classical music in Eindhoven. The association has a wind orchestra, symphony orchestra and a mixed choir, which all play a versatile repertoire ranging from classical to modern and are conducted by enthusiastic professionals.

Aside from joining an ensemble or orchestra, members are also free to use the three rehearsal rooms, each fitted with a (grand) piano. If you just want to use the rehearsal rooms, you are also welcome!

Throughout the year, numerous activities are organized, such as a sailing weekend, summer trip, dinner parties, movie nights or concert visits. In the past, Quadrivium shone at festival Muziek op de Dommel, during classic to pop concert at the Effenaar and in the Muziekgebouw, where her wind orchestra performed the concert A Night with Rachmaninoff. Curious or keen for more information? Check out our website or drop by at one of our rehearsals!